Thursday, April 30, 2020

Understanding Humanity

It's all fairly simple really, hormonal based and baked in at birth:

Estrogen makes you crazy,

and Testosterone makes you stupid.

Your job is to decide how much of either of those you're willing to tolerate when added to whatever redeeming virtues the other person may have, and don't complain about your choice.

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Sailorcurt said...

I disagree that Estrogen makes women crazy. I grew up in rural community that was kind of "stuck in time" in that they still had much of the "leave it to beaver" morality of the 50's.

For the most part, men were expected to be the stoic breadwinners and women were expected to be the empathetic caregivers. Even women with careers were expected to be the primary child rearers and homemakers. Men took care of stuff outside the house...women took care of stuff inside the house.

The women I knew weren't crazy and they had just as much estrogen as modern women. They tended to be relatively happy with their lives in my experience. I had two grandmothers, a mother and 13 aunts and I don't know a single one of them who experienced the level of anxiety and depression that the majority of women face today.

I think it's because liberal, modern society has been brainwashing women into believing untrue things for so long that the cognitive dissonance is driving them insane.

Society has been telling women that it's wrong to want to have kids and be a homemaker. That they should want a career and economic success. That they don't need a husband or children to find fulfillment. That they can take leadership roles and thrive in them as readily as their male counterparts.

Gender roles are just social constructs, they're told, and they can be whatever they want to be but if they "just" want to be a mother and housewife, there's something wrong with them.

Society pushes women in directions that flat drive them nuts.

And they try to do the same thing with boys. I think that the male innate propensity to rebellion makes them more resistant to it, but boys are told that it's wrong to be competitive and aggressive. They're told to avoid confrontation and not take risks. Basically, they're told if they don't act like little girls, there's something wrong with them.

Then, in abject frustration and engendered insanity, one of them shoots up the school and everyone wonders why.