Thursday, April 23, 2020

Global Warming? 2

In conclusion, eventually, Mr Moore points out that all the Green groups have pretty much sold out to money grubbing capitalists who are using them as front groups to get government subsidy money for unsustainable projects like biomass which is a very green way of saying wood burning. If we were to cut down every tree in the country it would provide enough energy to run the country for less than a month. Then there would be the 10-15 year wait for the next harvest.

Conspicuously missing is the dreaded N-word, nuclear. The best idea offered is that we humans reduce our demand for energy, apparently back to the level of  burning cow chips, and figure out how to heat our homes with that, or else reduce our numbers to an equivalent demand, which with no actual numbers having been suggested, looks like about 10% of current world population. They recognize that their solutions won't work. They do not yet have a viable alternative.

For the Greenies, we will need a better virus.

Worth watching? Yes. Overpriced in terms of time spent? Yes.

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