Monday, January 28, 2019

Science Marches Onward

News is now out that scientists* have genetically modified some chickens to produce anti-viral and anti-cancer chemicals in the whites of their eggs. Great news that, potentially lowering the cost of producing the drugs.

OK now all you gene boffins: Let's have some eggs containing cholesterol reducing drugs so my bacon and eggs breakfast will not only taste great, but will leave me healthier. And don't stop at modifying the chickens, get to work on the pigs as well. Tack some life-extending hormones into the bacon and there we are.

Before taking this to the market, perhaps they should look in to some modifications to the eggs, you know like coloring the shells. White for basic eggs, brown to designate the anti-viral infused ones, green for the THC infused versions**, and maybe red or pink for the ones containing opioids. No word yet as to how this might affect the meat. Who knows, maybe Tijuana Fried Chicken will challenge the Kentucky version.

*Mad Scientists of course, but they don't like to advertise this.

**You know it's coming.

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