Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I Did Not Know This

Found at Theo Spark, source of humor, News, and scantily clad women:

WINNING: Taken to a new, higher, level.................from Rico

The Leftards never factor in unintended consequences.
- I include those two "master legislators" [in their own minds, but everyone else just thought of a 'different' word that ended with "bators"] Nancee and Schmuckie.
Consider for one moment what they may have enables Trump to 'do' while they drank in Puerto Rico and 'resisted' funding the Wall...resulting in the longest government shutdown (25 days and counting) evah!
- Federal guidelines have existed for quite some time that allow a Federal job that has been vacant/vacated for 30 days to be considered 'permanently vacated' and that job eliminated.
In just five more days, Trump could literally pull the drain-plug on the 'swamp' and reduce the Federal workforce by 25%. This would be a YUGE down-sizing of the bureaucracy.
- Considering that all these employees were classified as "non-essential" by their own Federal agencies, this strikes me as a "right-sizing" that is waaay overdue.
Anyone want to bet that as soon as someone sobers the Democrats up and tells them they screwed-the-pooch again, they run over to the Oval Office with a $6 billion dollar 'no strings' check to hand to Trump?
Oh boy, is this great!
There are, of course some functions that actually do need to be done, but some of those that do not immediately lend themselves to privatization can be assigned to other agencies. The TSA, for example can farm out the anti-hijacking function to the prisons system and the NRA by employing the newly freed sex offenders to the job of groping passengers, and offering an immediate 1st class upgrade to anyone with a valid CCW.


Anonymous said...

Hate to spoil the fun, but this only applies to positions vacant while the government is operating. Yes, I know. And yes, I wish it weren't so.

I'd love to see a lot of these positions slashed and people retrained and given severance to go into the private sector. Which in NoVA, MD and DC means...federal contractor. But at least they are then easier to fire.

Billll said...

There's always got to be a catch, huh?

BUT: Right now only 25% of the government is not running so can we can 75% of the nonessentials

Kevin said...

Upgrade to first class for CCW holders?

Listen, I have a CCW and support gun rights, but statements like that make you sound like an ignorant asshole.


Ragin' Dave said...

One would have thought that the reference to giving TSA jobs to the sex offenders for groping passengers was the first clue that both sarcasm and hyperbole were being employed....