Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Toy/Project It Moves!

I took most of the top stuff off and discovered how you get the bottom stuff off. The rotation was stalled by petrified grease on the moving surfaces. Removing this and replacing it with fresh stuff made everything move quite freely. The new cylinder is a 2" job single acting with a spring return. Fortunately, with the sticky grease replaced, the spring is sufficient to retract the cylinder, and the thing indexes forward with only 20 psi air applied.

Next up is fabricating a tool deck. This will be a donut that will reside around the deck, giving me a place to mount the working tools. I'm still on the idea that this will make a swell reloading press so I'm busily re-inventing all the things that Dillon and RCBS have already worked out. Generally one should avoid re-inventing the wheel, or anything else, but if you think you have a better solution, then forge ahead. In this case, the design is driven by the existence of the table. Start from there and work outward.

The original part the table was designed to make is lost to history, but the holder was designed to hold something just a bit over 1" in diameter and 1/2" thick. There may have been other features, but there's no way to tell. Here's a piece of wood in one of the holders. pressing down on the button near the center of the table held the work piece in place so all the mechanical fountain in the middle was only to hold the parts in place.

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