Thursday, January 31, 2019


Now my position on this topic is to keep it at some remove as I don't see myself as having a dog in this fight. Some of the new laws seem to be a bit overboard, as in the Virginia law that seems to make a 4th trimester abortion legal. This looks to me a bit more like infanticide than anything else and I may be misinterpreting the whole thing, but jumping into the handbasket early on insures one of a good seat.

Anyway it always seemed to me that it wasn't until the 10th to 18th year that parents actually begin to get serious about late term abortions...

One way to address this problem is to treat it before it becomes an issue. Currently 5 genes have been identified that control a persons final height. When all 5 are expressed, you wind up growing to around 7 ft tall. This may help if you want your kid to go into pro basketball, but if he or she turns out to be a complete klutz, it's all for naught. So far the genes for intelligence have not been identified but once that's done, arranging for enough height genes to get junior over 6 feet and an IQ over 125 should put him on the right track for a high paying job in middle to upper management somewhere.

There's a kit for that. although the actual operation is a bit spotty, and the equipment to do an IVF is not included. Don't let that stop you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained after all

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