Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Peasants Are Revolting

Boy, you can say that again. The Bolsheviks currently running (?) this state are complaining that the Republicans, lacking any other recourse, are threatening them with recalls if they proceed with some of their more egregious proposals.  Near the head of that list is the NPV, or National popular Vote bill which would allot Colorado's 8 or 9 electoral votes to whomever wins in Cali, New York and Illinois or Florida.  This will make presidential elections no more important than the off year ones and thus depress turnout, reducing the amount of ballot harvesting required to swing the state.

Darned conservatives, they would bitch if the legislature funded chauffeured limos to take them to the camps. The Dems are aware of this:
Republicans are going to complain no matter what happens, House Speaker KC Becker of Boulder complained to the Colorado Sun.We suppose Republicans should just sit quietly on their hands while Democrats legalize drug injection sites all over the state for heroin and meth addicts. Well, everywhere except neighborhoods where Democratic lawmakers live.
This from a story at Colorado Peak Politics which though conservative, disallows comments except through Facebook.  For those of you who don't live here, Boulder is the home of the state's so-far only assault weapons ban which is so unpopular that even the hippies up there are refusing to comply with it.

The next 2 years here should be carefully watched and studied as a perfect example of the difference between a pure democracy where a 51% majority can impose their will on the 49%, and a democratic republic where the rights of the minority are protected.

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