Thursday, January 24, 2019

The New Regime In East California

Michael Bloomberg has come out as opposed to legalizing pot, which we did 2 years ago, saying that this is a stupid idea. He has also come out in favor of "safe sites" for junkies to shoot heroin and other injectable drugs. This will be portrayed as showing that Mr. Bloomberg is not completely opposed to shooting, just as long as icky guns aren't involved.

The E. Cal legislature here is looking at opening the first such site this year across the street from the capitol building. This is a brilliant move on the part of the Donks who currently enjoy one-party rule there as it will make visiting the capitol to register objection to their assorted shenanigans even more distasteful than it is now. Imagine heading downtown to register your objection to the latest tax increase, and finding that in addition to there being no parking within walking distance of the capitol, the building is now protected by a "moat" of junkies either waiting for their daily allotment of "soma" or operating under the influence of it.

This, of course, will be on the outside of the 10 foot high security barrier (don't say wall) running around the building itself and the exclusive parking garage currently located on the south side of the capitol. Card access only to the garage of course. A short tunnel under 14th st would keep the legislators and their staffs from having to interact with the riff-raff or the newly installed moat monsters.

Currently the legislature is considering a bill to allocate our electoral votes to whomever wins the national popular vote, meaning whomever wins Cali, N.Y. Illinois. and Florida. This will make going to the polls a complete waste of time here which should keep costs down for the Donks.
East California


Tewshooz said...

Please do not insult the people living east of I-5 by calling Sacramento East California.

Eastern Calif is totally conservative.

Billll said...

And with this new naming convention, you are no longer "East California. " You are now West Flyover Country.