Sunday, March 25, 2018

Trumps Rabbit Trick

So Trump just signed a budget bill worth $1.3T that looks like it was written by Schumer and Pelosi and gives conservatives nothing while taking care of every pony under the Christmas tree the Dems asked for.

It's not often you see a pol commit political suicide right out there in front of everybody. The last time was when Bush signed a big tax increase after promising "no new taxes, read my lips". Didn't work out well for Bush now did it? At this point I can see little reason for Republicans to even go to the polls for the mid terms if they think that this is the way the party will be treating them. The local parties will be pleading for turnout claiming that the local pols will be forthright in defense of their constituents, but by now we've seen that local candidates who get elected by promising this or that, vote the party line in lockstep with the leadership once they sit down in the big building and this is true at both the state and Federal levels.

To save the day, Trump is going to have to pull from his hat, a rabbit big enough to trample and eat Manhattan, and do it before the mid terms. I can only think of one thing that might serve at this point and that would be an indictment against Hillary Clinton. For good measure, perhaps include a few of her enablers. The budget deal has foreclosed on most of Mr Trumps other political promises and his tax reform phase 2 is probably destined for death by committee as the Dems have little else to ask for at this point. Absent this rabbit or something of equal import, I anticipate a veto-proof Dem majority in both houses of congress next year.

The budget bill impact at the local level will vary by state of course, but here in Colorado where we are fending off becoming East California by one Senate seat, this will most likely translate into another Dem trifecta similar to 2013 with a raft of bills imported from California, paid for by Styer and Bloomberg whooped through a compliant legislature.

I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of the rabbit. I am also hoping that my near perfect record of being wrong on predictions will hold up.

Update: As noted in the comments, the bill passed is NOT a real budget and the monies authorized are NOT guaranteed to be spent as wished. See Post on dailytimewaster.


Anonymous said...

I would refer you to the march 25,2018 thank you. Scroll back to the older post at the beginning of the day look for the picture of Mr. Trump. In regards to the Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 section 7058(d)The whole article will make your day. Wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat. He gave everyone everything now he gets to do what he wants with the 1.3 trillion dollars. He is a chess master the swamp is playing checkers. Thanks to the honorable C.W. Swanson at the and to you for your blog. A read up on the law on line was enlightening. The more you read the more you smile. It has been to the Supreme Court and improved and has the stamp of approval.

Billll said...

I guess there's always more than one way to skin a cat or produce a rabbit. Ya think he'll actually do it?