Saturday, March 24, 2018

Gun Fun

So while the kiddies were enjoying their all expense paid trip to wherever to protest the existence of civil rights, I went to the range for a Qualifier. Good news for me! I moved up to Sharp Shooter, the mid-level for IDPA. At this  point I'm as happy as I'll get over that as I have no illusions of moving up from there. People much younger and faster than I am are having trouble getting to Expert.

The rankings are:
DM - Distinguished Master
MS - Master
EX - Expert
SS - Sharpshooter
MM - Marksman
NV - Novice
ST - Storm Trooper

OK that last one isn't actually officially on the list but it probably should be so as to make note of when you're having a really bad day with malfunctions and brain farts combining to make you wonder if you should take up knitting or something. Of course if you qualify at the ST level and don't have malfs or BFs, then maybe you probably should.

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