Friday, March 23, 2018

The Future Of Transportation

Sold my pickup today. 93 Dodge Dakota with 228,000 miles on it. Runs fine, lust a bit slower than it used to. I'm missing it already as I haven't been without a truck pretty much since 1971.
Doran's Law states that if something works, they'll stop making it. Seen a real compact pickup lately? I really liked my Mazda 2000 back in the '90s. Here's a contender: an '02 Ford Falcon XL.
 Seems they kept the name alive down under. Pity it only comes with the steering wheel on the wrong side. Another possibility would be a Pontiac G8 ST. Never heard of that one either? Pontiac decided not to go to production with it just before GM decided not to continue production with Pontiac at all.

Your basic pickup today is sized to compete with Kenworth and is seemingly only available in 4X4 with a lift kit added at no extra charge. Hint to automakers: A Subaru Baja, if it hasn't been wrecked, is worth damn near what you paid for it new.

Oh well. I put a small hitch receiver on the Camaro so I guess all I need is a 4x6 trailer from Harbor Freight, and a bicycle carrier to plug in to it.

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