Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Removing Barriers to Work

 SB-18-193 has been introduced with significant co-sponsorship to allow challenges to laws and regulations restricting entry to jobs. This covers such absurdities as demanding a college degree to be allowed to braid hair or perhaps having to get permission from a coalition of all the existing licensed taxi drivers to operate your own cab.

It allows a citizen to request a judicial review of such laws and regs, and specifies how the judiciary should address the review.

Great idea. I bet it requires the person filling out the form to be licensed to practice law before the bar in Colorado instead of making the request a sort of fill-in-the-box form letter that any clerk could help you with.


Merle said...

Sounds like a great idea - as long as the application process is simple & free.....


Anonymous said...

My first thought was to go in and file a whole bunch of applications that reduce the number of hours by 80 percent.