Sunday, March 11, 2018

Abolishing Agencies

This early in the cycle, nothing you hear can reasonably be called party policy yet. The correct term is "trial balloon". The latest one to be floated from the left calls for the abolition of ICE whose existence is depleting the ranks of Dem voters.

So swell. I'm a republican, for lack of a better place to hang out, and I approve this message. I think the Donks should begin right now buying ads and making sure that everyone knows that illegal, as in coming across the border without papers, does not mean illegal as in selling classified information to hostile foreign operatives.

Of course the Reps could take the same tack. Call for the abolition of the Department of Education, Energy, EPA, and of course the ATF. Attach a coupon to every K-12 child good for say $7-8000/yr, payable to whatever accredited educational institution their parents want to send them to.

Promise the people that they will get the most cost-efficient energy available subject only to their state regulations. Cali will soon be as dark at night as North Korea, but so what?

Without the EPA, it's still illegal to pollute, and polluters would still be liable for damages. It would, however, be legal to remove wildfire fuel from around your house without worrying about an astronomical fine for disrupting the lifestyle of some differently abled vermin.

Then there's the ATF. Your shoelaces and the belt loops on your jeans will soon be classified as machine guns and you'll have to give them up on the premise that this will make the kids in school safer. The mandatory "voluntary" turn-ins should be amusing to watch. Kilts will be coming back in style.

So Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho!
Department of* has got to go!

*Well, maybe not the Department of Defense, but no one would miss the rest of them.


Merle said...

Sounds good to me....
But we have to keep ICE, otherwise all the illegals will overwhelm us......


Billll said...

Move ICE to DOD. Problem solved.

Merle said...

Now that sounds like a good fit! :)