Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What To Do With The U.N.

Charles Krauthammer addresses the question here. Several commenters have suggestions, one of whom reminded me that the building appeared in the movie Heavy Metal as low income housing.

The whole building must be well past its usable life. Tell the occupants to find a new place, in another country, then sell tickets at $10/ea for the honor of pushing the big red "reset" button to blow the thing up.

Proceeds to be used to pay off the national debt.

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jed said...

I don't know whether the structure itself can be repurposed, but I'd pay money to see that ridiculous gun statue reduced to dust.

The UN itself? The only good reason I can think of for keeping it in the US is the opportunities it provides for spying on everyone else. Still, it wouldn't bother me to see them either dissolved, or moved to Brussels, or The Netherlands, or an abandoned Chrysler plant. Michigan could use an economic boost.