Saturday, December 3, 2016


To bowdlerize a bit it's been said that "If it's got wheels or (primary sex characteristics) it'll be trouble." Also that second marriage, or second car is the triumph of hope over experience.

My car had been fitted with a "clear bra" some years ago and had been parked outdoors for quite a while. Now it's equipped with a yellow bra, and while that might be a fetching color on a lady, it's a bit tatty on the Camaro.

Getting it off turns out to be moderately difficult depending on how long its been on and what's underneath it. A heat gun from Harbor Freight will start the process but the material becomes bore brittle with age so the video of the coating being removed from a brand new high end Porsche isn't realistic.

Since heat is involved, you're probably best served to wait until spring or summer when you have a good head start on the heating process simply by parking out in the sunshine. Add heat and the glue softens.

One other caution. Those sporty stripes and logos the company put on the car when it was new? They're glued on too, using the same adhesive, with the same melting point as the bra.

The good news is that the finish under the bra seems to be like new.


Merle said...

Well, at least there was some good news...... :)


Billll said...

So I have to wait until spring to get into this job. No big deal. Compared to the Jag, the Camaro's problems fall into the category of providing me with entertainment, a much needed break from boredom at an average cost of fiddling small pocket change. If you don't need a back seat, get one. They're fun.

Merle said...

Back in my single days I had an XK-150, so got the British education.
Now I'm trying to revive a 95 T Bird.
Next will probably be a 75 Kawasaki Z-1.

I never learn......