Monday, December 26, 2016

I'm So Old....

That I remember when the schoolyard joke went "God bless America, 'cause the Russians won't."

Seems the Russians have changed their tune. Now they're scolding the west for abandoning their Christian roots.

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Anonymous said...

Twice I tried to open the link. I waited several minutes each time yet that link is so littered with ads it was nearly indecipherable to distinguish the story from the chaff.

Allow me to guess the word of comrade Putin yet with the disposition of a yankee. FDR's New Deal; 1954 SCOTUS (Warren); Johnson amendment; Johnson's Great Society.... Couple those with Reagan's decry of the USSR as the 'evil empire' and his infamous abstaining on August 2th 1984; 'I don't remember'...that was exactly, precisely when I positively knew that the glory of the USA had traded places with the supposedly debauched Russians (the soviets were of the elite, not the people).

My paternal grand father and mother were white Russian and Lithuanian, respectively, both escaping the revolution shortly before it's height. Both were devout protestant Christians. (As were my Swedish maternal grandparents although that may be aside the point except as a reference of how far the USA has drifted in less than a life time.)

Our society here in the USA has turned completely upside down with the 'anything goes' dissolution of an absolute standard founded upon the doctrine of immotile credence. I associate Reagan's utterances to this through the mismatch of merely because of the mismatch of his words and actions. Hey! I voted for him twice so don't step up on me! I'm only saying it became very apparent to me at that time. 'It' being the divorce of God from my cherished country. God damn these politicians yet that our society has been shaped by them.

That comrade Putin should point this out, how can one objectively disagree? Subjectively, yes, but hear this, by what right does a country which abides that abortion or homosexuality is okay possess any claim to obedience to God?