Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vote Fraud? Easy To Find

All you have to do is look for it. Sometimes a basic grasp of statistics helps.

I don't know anyone who voted the presidential slot, then quits and turns in the ballot. I do know one or two who voted everything else and left the prez slot blank for which I can't blame them much.

Update: In Michigan the number of votes counted exceeds the number actually cast.
He blamed the discrepancies on the city’s decade-old voting machines, saying 87 optical scanners broke on Election Day. Many jammed when voters fed ballots into scanners, which can result in erroneous vote counts if ballots are inserted multiple times. Poll workers are supposed to adjust counters to reflect a single vote but in many cases failed to do so, causing the discrepancies, Baxter said.
In case of discrepancies, the original count stands. We are assured that the numbers will eventually match. You bet they will.

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Merle said...

Voter fraud? Who would have thunk it....