Thursday, July 14, 2016

QOTD - Assault Weapons Ban

Congress animal Bonnie Watson Colman has taken advantage of the latest nutball-with-a-gun incident to come out against assault weapons. Her position is that the arms permitted by that pesky second amendment should be limited to those in general use at the time of its writing. Asked about police use of modern weapons, she said this:
“That has not been an issue. I don’t know. The kind of police violence — police misconduct has not really been an issue of assault weapons. I don’t know if it ought to be extended. The only use of assault weapons is to shoot as many people as possible in the shortest period of time,” she said. “I haven’t really thought of the role of police in that.”
I think they must normally see the police as an extension of their own authority, useful for keeping the peasants in their places and putting down insurrections in the event of a Republican win at the polls.

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Merle said...

She should stoop after "I haven't really thought" - that would be an honest & accurate statement.