Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gerrymandering Put Off

An attempt by a "bipartisan" group to undo the gerrymandering that was imposed on us back in '10 has been tossed off the ballot on the pretext that it covered multiple topics. This is good as the underlying premise is flawed.
Under this new method a large committee consisting of 4 Reps, 4 Donks, and 4 "unaffiliated" would carefully gerrymander the state to the point that 8 of them would approve and this would become the new map.  Problem here is the source of the unaffiliateds. Seems they would be appointed by those famously unaffiliateds including the Colo Supreme court ( Donk majority), the governor (D-Space case) and the legislature ( 50% Donk).

Way better would be legislation calling for the districts to be drawn by computer, to be compact, contiguous, as competitive as practical, and accessible. We have one district with a mountain ridge running through it that requires a trip through 3 other districts to get from one side to the other. This would replace the 4 unaffiliated hacks with some computer geeks and when a map was complete, the approval of 6 of the 8 committee people would get it passed on to the legislature.

The committee behind this is singularly anonymous and hard to contact.

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