Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gun Fun - IDPA for rifles

One of my gun clubs is planning to run an IDPA-style match next month with all the stages configured for carbines instead of pistols. Nearest targets will be at 35 yards and longest ones at 200 so a 4X scout scope sounds like a good idea. Also a chance to try out the accuracy fix I did to the Hi Point. Preliminary testing is giving me 3MOA groups under less than optimal conditions. I'm guessing that I can get 2MOA or better right now.
Aim points:
35 yd = zero
75 yd = 3-4 in low - aim for the neck to get the head shots
125 yd = zero
150 yd = 7 in high - aim for the neck to get the A-zone body hits
200 yd = 14 in high - aim to part the hair to get the A-zone body hits.

The AR shooters are probably thinking that this is a lot like the trajectory of a thrown rock, but it's a 165 gr rock.

Film at 11.

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