Friday, July 1, 2016

Gun Ownership

A CBS poll is suggesting that gun ownership is at its lowest point in recent history with only 36% of U.S. households admitting to having a gun of any sort on the premises.

Given the record gun sales in the last 8 years, I'd say the headline should read that a record low number of Americans are now willing to admit to a snoopy survey on the phone that they have any guns at all. NICS suggests that since 1990, some 262,000,000 guns have been sold which means slightly less than one for every person in the country, or 2 for everyone willing to admit to owning one.

Gun shops are reporting a lot of new faces coming in so I'm inclined to believe that the survey is under reporting actual ownership. If the Donks decide to believe the survey, then Hills campaign against guns might make sense. Of course if gun owners are holding out on the surveyors,then ahe's committing political suicide.

Paul Ryan has decided to give the D's a shot at their anti gun legislation. I don't expect any of this to pass, still, an e-mail to your Senator and/or representative might be in order. I believe this is for no other purpose than to get the R's on record as "favoring gun sales to terrorists" or whatever spin the press wants to use for the election.

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