Friday, July 15, 2016

Cleveland Police To Encourage Rioting At RNC

The Cleveland police have issued a peremptory stand down notice to its men for the upcoming RNC event. This after a local judge revised the "no riot" zone to be much smaller than was originally asked for. Got to get the protesters within rock throwing distance of the delegates I guess.

Bernies Brownshirts in all of their current variations plan to be there including some who plan to be conspicuously armed. I suppose this is from the Palliwood playbook in which you throw rocks, bottles, Molotov cocktails and whatever until someone throws one back, then you fall to the ground, feign as much injury as you can, and get carried off to a waiting ambulance while the media videotapes the scene. The "ambulance" is usually someones car or pickup, and will carry the "near mortally wounded protestor" as far as around the nearest corner where he will jump out and rejoin his comrades.

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