Thursday, July 28, 2016

Due To Technical Difficulties

...beyond my control or comprehension, blogging has suffered a bit of a setback. Turning on the computer got me as far as the blue with white streaks welcoming screen followed by a fade to black with only the cursor showing. Nothing else.

Fortunately when I upgraded to the now defunct box, there were several programs I continue to use on my old XP box so I kept it and added a switch. Here I am on my XP box.

Other annoyances: I don't usually use the old box on line so several of my passwords are out of date on the old box.. Fortunately I have most of them in a text file I printed out so if I need to visit my account at say www.midgetleatherporn, I can simply consult the list and hope I updated the list when I last changed the password.

Geek Street will call me when they get around to fixing the bug, meantime it's Win XP Pro. This may delay publication of the results of the e-postal match as well so take another weekend.

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