Friday, June 10, 2016

Sex Robots

A computer scientist has expressed reservations about how realistic sex robots are getting.In case you hadn't been following the topic closely, they're getting pretty realistic.
Artificial Intelligence expert Noel Sharkey said teenagers risk losing their virginity to sophisticated humanoid robots unless the sector is properly regulated.
As the father of a daughter, I don't see this as any kind of problem at all. Where were these things 15 years ago when we needed them. Mr. Sharkey obviously does not have a daughter. Or a social life, thus he calls for government regulation. Anyone see a problem with the government regulating the manufacture and sales of sex bots? If they get defined as medical or therapeutic devices, do you think Obamacare will pay for them? No matter how horny you claim to be?

I could see a demand among the elderly as well with the wives supporting this if it distracts the old coot she's married to. Additional big time points if it can be trained to run a vacuum and take out the trash. Probably want a burka to throw over it if it's going outside for any reason though, otherwise all the teenage boys will be volunteering for dog walking jobs on trash day.


Merle said...

No headaches would be a MAJOR selling point! :)


Hammerbach said...


That Guy said...

Did that seriously say there was a "talking" option on a sex robot? Who in thè hell suggested that bug, cuz it sure ain't a feature?