Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Future Of Transportation - Motorized Bicycles 2

Update to previous post. I got the throttle working and put a dab of gas in the thing. That and a bit of ether and it fired right up. NOTE: The old snow blower had no idle setting and the carb has no idle controls so I guess one must hold the throttle open until I can come up with something.
Next item is that the fuel line leaks probably from the tight bend in it at the carb. Need slightly longer fuel line. This is also why your first run is done with a limited fuel supply.

Lastly the friction coefficient between the roller and the tire isn't as high as I had expected. It works, but slips rather more than I was expecting. 

When I took off for a trip around the block, that roller was uniformly rusty. The tire on the other hand seems to show no effect at all from the rubbing, suggesting that the rubber compound is hard as rocks. I plan to install a street tire. Turning the roller down a bit and adding some traction groove probably won't hurt either.

One other minor thing is that the spring that disengages the motor seems to be just a tad weak in the face of the vibration. Easily adjusted.

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