Wednesday, June 15, 2016

AWB Redux?

Pravda On The Platte The Denver Post is running a poll on the advisability of bringing back the old AWB from the '90's.  Remember that the old ban did essentially nothing beyond driving some cosmetic changes in gun styling. Given a shot at another one I'm sure any new one would be both more draconian and at the same time sillier than the original. Conneticut currently sees no functional difference between a Hi Point .380 cal carbine and a modern SAW.

When I checked this morning the poll was running 85/15 against such an idea. If we're lucky, the Donks will put it into their party platform and shout it to the skies. At a time when the Ferguson Effect is making the notion of police protection ever more problematic, the peasants are busily arming themselves against criminal and terroristic incursions and are not fooled by exhortations that disarming the victims will somehow deter the aggressors.

Polls like this are generally closed shortly after opening and given the current results, I expect this one will be closed and the results buried shortly.

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