Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Massacre

So ISIS has made a strike in the U.S. and killed 50 people. Gays in a club. Leave it to the Armies of Allah to strike the softest target they can find with great success.

As a follow up the news services have interviewed the highest ranking Imam they could find in the area and his first reaction is to call for more gun control in a state where the joke goes that everybody has a gun. Anti-gun people were standing ready to ask the same until he showed up. I wonder if they will fall in line behind him.

Just to make sure that advocates really want more gun control in the wake of this, the same Imam has also described the killing of 50 gays as an "act of compassion" so I suppose if you really support the gays, you'll back more gun control so that the bravely compassionate will be able to bestow their compassion with less fear of being stopped.

Meantime some fellow was stopped in Santa Monica on his way to the L.A. Gay Pride parade carrying firearms and Tannerite. The media are describing his stuff as an "arsenal" which is Cal-speak for two or more guns. No further info as yet but with everybody o edge, I suspect he'll be in the joint being investigated for some time.

The Imam seems to be solidly in the Hillary camp on guns. Let's see what Trump has to say, hopefully with some help from some cooler heads.

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