Friday, June 10, 2016

Sex Bots 2

Just thinking:
Japanese models: Slightly smaller than most, good looking, not overly exciting, but 100% reliable.
Italian models: Strikingly attractive, greatly exciting, prone to electrical fires.
English models: Middlingly attractive, middlingly exciting, prone to leak oil.
German models: Decently attractive, decently exciting, must read 200 page owners manual carefully first. Actual abilities may not be quite as good as claimed.
American models: Decently attractive, decently exciting, made in Mexico.
Swedish model: Tall, blond, exceptional endurance but heavy due to large  battery pack.


Merle said...

HMMM, sounds like their cars - or motorcycles.... :)


Billll said...

I assumed that the manufacturing would be done by the same folks that made everything else in those countries, and the dolls appearance would reflect the CEO's tastes.