Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gun Fun

Went out and shot the ECOIDPA match at Colo Rifle Club. For those of you not familiar, IDPA is essentially Dungeons and Dragons with cardboard orcs and live ammo. A training scenario is set up and of course a back story is added do give it some plausability. Back stories are fun or at least they can be. Someong with a clever mind could probably come up with some that would have the participants laughing so hard that their scores were adversely affected.

Below is video of yesterdays match as shot (!) by my shooting buddy, Mike. Mike shoots better than I do. or at least faster. Being 30+ years younger than me helps. I appear as an extra. These things all had stories, most of which I've forgotten. Here are some I thought up.

Stage 1: Iron Felix. You are "Iron" Felix Dzerzhinsky, dreaded founder of the Cheka, later the KGB. Five prisoners have been brought before you to have their cases decided. For Felix, this was easy, you walk down the line and shoot anyone who looks guilty. Most of them did. If you find this description entertaining, there may be a job opening for you in the upcoming Clinton administration.

Stage 2: I'm drawing a blank.

Stage 3: You are the watchman in a collapsed steel building. Hearing a noise, you look around a corner and discover that rabid zombies have taken your assistant captive. Deal with them, one shot each, then go deal with the other 16 intruders who are clambering through the piles of steel beams. The black paint signifies a chunk of steel so hits there don't count. This is reminiscent of the "Dazzle" camo used by the Navy in WWI and still works just fine thank you very much. Try not to forget where you left off when you reload.

Stage 4: House Party. This is the one actually used. You come home from work and find the local thugs have started a house party in your place. 2 family members are being held hostage in the back room. That box around the doorknob? New rule; Pointing your gun at that box where your other hand might be will get you DQ'd.

Stage 5: Bad Day On The Bijou: Hunting for gators from your swamp boat, you find them. 8 gators, followed by 4 hostile moonshiners, then the big gator.

Action picture entertainment:

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