Friday, June 19, 2015

.22 LR ammo

Thanks to a friend, I scored some .22 today, a Winchester 555 pack for $40 or .075/rd. Lowest price I've seen since the great gun panic of 2013.

Should hold me for 6 months of postal matches.

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jon spencer said...

A smaller chain sporting goods store here had bricks of Thunderbolts ($26.99) on their shelves for a full week, from delivery truck until the next weeks delivery truck. Now they did sell most but still had a few bricks left when the next shipment was delivered.
They also have had some high quality Aguila target 22's at $6.50 a box for over two weeks. That Aguila is at fair price too.
The T-bolts had a one brick a day limit and the Aguila had a 3 box a day limit.