Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gun Fun

Got out Friday and tried the e-postal target. Good thing I brought a lot because that one is addictive. I used 5 different guns on it and surprisingly did better with the Glock 22 than the Ruger Mk 1.

Also the level of accuracy required for a defensive piece or a bowling pin gun is not that required of a tiny bullseye gun. That's tiny bulls eyes, not tiny gun.

After firing 10 shots at the target, inspecting the target with binoculars at 30 feet, I missed a hole, down in a dark corner, in front of a black backstop, and tried for one more shot. The additional shot proved to be hole # 11 in a 10 shot limit target, and to add insult, it was my best target with that gun. Oh yes, and it missed.

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Merle said...

Yep, not a good target for service grad guns! Merle