Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Fun

Most of us are wage slaves and if we have a title at all it tends to be something like "Hey you!". Here's a website at which you type in your name and it produces a business card with a lengthy and pretentious title. Alas, the titles are built around the advertising and marketing biz so you won't get anything like Senior Mad Scientist or even Indispensable Minion although in that second case the name Igor is its own title.

I gave it a shot and got
Managing Consultant for Native Monetization & Interactive Product Analysis
Think about that one for a bit. Managing consultant is an outside fellow you hire to run something. A mercenary captain for example. Native Monitization means turning the Natives into money. Lots of ways to do this ranging from putting them to work in your sweatshops to renting them out by the hour or selling them outright. Interactive product analysis means either testing whatever they make or taking the potential asset for a test drive after you've picked her up at the bus station.

Worst case then the title may be interpreted as Mercenary Pimp. Oh well, at least it's a middle management position.

Merry Christmas and I hope you all get that promotion.

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