Monday, December 29, 2014

Global Warming

It seems to happen without any help from CO2. In fact, CO2 seems to be a lagging indicator of global temps.
Based on Earth’s recent geologic history, claiming that CO2 concentration causes warming is like arguing that geese cause temperatures to fall by flying South.
Here's the whole article. I've seen a similar graphic before but if anything this one suggests that periods of significant global warming might be triggered by the CO2 level falling to about half of what we're seeing today. When global temps fall they eventually (8000 years or so) drag the CO2 levels down with them.

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Anonymous said...

Grand Moff Serious Man | 12.27.14 @ 1:52PM |#

So when climate change fizzles, what comes next?

Ted S. | 12.27.14 @ 2:10PM |#

Anthopogenic magnetic field change.

wadair | 12.27.14 @ 2:51PM |#

Caused by electric motors, transformers, and power generation in general. And the only way to stop it is to invest in new magnet technologies to maintain the current polarity.

Francisco d'Anconia | 12.27.14 @ 3:35PM | #

Don't give them ideas.

RussianPrimeMinister | 12.27.14 @ 3:42PM |#

No no no, this could be good. We could put huge electromagnets at each pole, both creating opposing fields, and hire a team of TOP. MEN. to keep them properly balanced so the Earth doesn't topple end over end into the sun!

At the same time, we can put incredibly massive air conditioners in the building, blowing outwards, to keep the polar ice caps cold so they won't melt!

It's a win-win!

Suicidy | 12.28.14 @ 2:11AM |#

Pish posh. Just use your sonic screwdriver and reverse the polarity of the neutron flow

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