Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Next Year

I have at this point no idea whatsoever how long I'll be working next year so I'll play it by ear and keep coming in as long as my badge works.

I had really good luck a few years ago using Tubb lapping bullets in my Hi Point which got me another 100 fps at the muzzle and presumably somewhat better accuracy. Accuracy in the Hi Point carbine seems to be mostly a function of how tightly the assembly pins fit, but that's being addressed with some custom pins. The lapping bullets are out of stock but I found a kit at Midway which according to the reviews on it is easy to use, effective, and even with only 1 oz of each compound, has enough in it to lap about 100 guns. The tracking info says it arrived in Denver yesterday and will make it from the Denver P.O. to far-off Littleton (10 miles) in about a week. Go figure.

Some years ago a small (4-ft) alligator escaped from the Denver zoo one spring and got into the park lake where he seemed to enjoy the much larger swimming hole. The natives notices this and began panicking over the thought of "Albert" as he was named eating pets and small children. The folks at the zoo were less worried and knowing that the gator was much faster than anyone in a rowboat, left him there where he entertained all and sundry with the occasional sudden disappearance of a duck. Come fall the now rather logy Albert was easily picked up and tossed back in jail by the zoo people. It was a fairly entertaining summer. I'm currently working on the head and body, the part you would normally see, of an 8-footer complete with motors and radio control. A water-borne drone if you will. More on that when the local water returns to a liquid state.

Other projects as well, but more on them as they develop which means as the garage becomes habitable for periods exceeding 1-2 minutes.

Prediction: Next year will be average in the old Soviet sense: Worse than last year, better than next year: Average.


Merle said...

I hope you make it thru the squeeze intact.

I got "sequestered" from Newport News Shipbuilding on the last budget battle & still am not back to work - sucks big time!!!


PS: I'd like to hear some more about your gator drone!

Brad K. said...

Best of luck.

My neighbor ran into something called Xado, from some Russian company. I got some for the engine -- it is suppose to rebuilt worn metal with a ceramic-metallic layer that is lower in friction that metal on metal, you add it to the motor oil.

It has worked well for me. The claim is slightly improved fuel efficiency at idle, when friction takes most of the HP.

I got mine from in Wichita, KS.

The thing is, they make Xado (pronounced 'hah-doh') grease to rebuild gears, and also a grease to use on bullets to rebuild rifle barrels.

The slight amount of ceramic compound dissolves in the oil, and at the hottest (highest friction) parts draws metal particles from the oil, and bonds to the hot metal surfaces. They claim they re-round egg shaped cylinders to spec.