Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Global Warming

Here it is nearly the end of December and I haven't been able to ride the motorcycle into work in over 2 months. The Fimbulwinter is surely upon us and there's only one escape. This according to no less an authority than the President's own science adviser, John Holden who has finally read his copy of Fallen Angels.

Only AGM is standing between us and slabs of ice half a mile thick reaching down to Chicago so fill up your tanks with newly cheap gas and get out there and do 500 miles to help save the planet. We'll call this the Planetary 500 and give awards for the best time and greatest amount of gas used. Iowahawk would heartily approve as he runs an online car show for people whose transport stands out in the field of carbon emissions. He even has at least one vehicle that would be a serious contender, the Coupe of Justice.

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