Friday, December 26, 2014

Brain Teaser

Found this image at Curmudgeonly and Skeptical as part of a post noting that Her Majesty's health services want doctors to turn you in if they notice you gaining weight. In North Korea this wold be done to catch people who have figured out how to get extra food rations, except the Dear Leader of course.
Now for the brain teaser: What units are the scale measuring in?


Anonymous said...

Looks like stones and kilos.

Hope your Christmas was merry and beat wishes in the new year!

Mike the EE

Merle said...

That would be my guess too, I'm sure a lot of women would like the smaller numbers :)


Billll said...

The "convert" app has the conversion from stone to kilos on it and yes, that seems to be it. Now we just need to get our ladies one of those scales.

Brad K. said...

I figured kilos and stone. To check, I multiplies 57 kilos times 2.2 pounds/kilo, equals 125.4 pounds. Divided by the nine (9) showing on the larger scale, gives 13.9333. Which is fairly close to the 14 pounds per stone conversion.

Works for me.

jed said...

Given that the scale is intended to measure weight, it should have a Newton scale on it.