Saturday, December 6, 2014

Evil Black Rifle

So once again I now own an Evil Black Rifle:
Some assembly required.

One more benefit of attending Gun Blogger Rendezvous, courtesy of WGM Tactical of Grass Valley CA.

Just need to find a couple of parts. Timing might be good here as I'm told that EBR's are now a glut on the market. Now if only people would ease up on their purchases of .22lr.


jed said...

What fun awaits you! Are you going to go 5.56 NATO, or something different? I just recently saw some good prices on .458 SOCOM uppers.

Last I checked, Bravo Company had "demo" uppers for about $70 -- been tempted to order one myself.

Billll said...

According to their website, an upper receiver group starts at about $700.

The complete kit, exc lower receiver, can be had for $480-$500 from Natchez or Aim Surplus

Billll said...

O.K. I found the scratch and dent item. Assembly required, $80.

jed said...

Well, not all AR uppers are created equal. Nor are all lower parts kits. Bravo Company is considered premium -- maybe not quite as high-end as Noveske.

FWIW, buy an LPK without a FCG and pistol grip. Then choose a good FCG and whatever pistol grip you like. I'm a fan of the Magpul MOE pistol grip. The mil-spec single-stage FCG in my DPMS is awful. I hear disparaging comments about DPMS here and there, but my DPMS AR is fine, except for that FCG. IIRC, my other lower has a Rock River LPK, with single-stage trigger, and it's much better. Lately, in a lower-priced FCG, I've read good things about the ACT trigger, such that I'm quite tempted to buy one.

For example: White Oak LPK no FCG or grip. Get an ACT trigger and a MOE grip from the same place.