Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Price Of Electricity Will Neccessarily Skyrocket

Said the presidential candidate. Of course at that time the price was skyrocketing any way so what's a bit more. As they said in Russia before the time of the revolution: The shortages will be divided among the peasants.
Now look at the graphic, go read the rest of the article here and try to remember what happened when.
1903: Federal reserve established. The value of the dollar has gone down pretty steadily ever since but even so, the price of electricity declined even faster.
1973: Arab oil embargo. Congress passes a law forbidding U.S. producers from raising their prices. The cost of refined petroleum products stays at cost-plus percentage. The higher the cost, the bigger the percentage.U.S. pretty much ceases production of oil. Congress baffled.
1977: President Carter establishes the Dept. of Energy to find ways to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Hard to believe that's what they were supposed to  be doing.
1979: Three mile Island. Public panics, otherwise promising energy source is foreclosed. Iranian government overthrown. We are reminded that Muslims don't like us very much. Price of crude goes up.
1980 Reagan elected: Nothing much changes, but the inflation rate comes down from 14%.
1988 Bush elected. Nothing much happens, but at least our taxes went up.
1992 Clinton elected. Wife gets caught promoting nationalized health care behind closed doors.
1994 Republicans take House and Senate. Nothing much happens, but at least our taxes went up.
2000: Bush elected.
2001: We are reminded that the Muslims still don't like us very much. Various altercations break out, price of crude goes up.
2006: Dems take house and Senate. Veto proof.
2008: Dems add White house, declare war on coal and ban exploration everywhere. President uses EPA to limit energy production. Works better than an oil embargo.
2014: Fracking produces oil and gas bonanza in spite of its being limited to wells on private property. Middle East in flames, but the price of oil hasn't gone up much. I wonder why.

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