Saturday, July 19, 2014


I tried the Q-tip target last weekend in both versions, the plain white and the one with the stripe on the stick. The plain one reminded me of last years GBR where Lizzie (hi Lizzie!) shot the gumballs on the golf tees target in a cross wind. One side of the target came loose and was being blown over the rest of the paper so that the actual target was only visible about half the time. Lizzie found this challenging and shot the whole thing by first picking the gumball she wanted, then waiting for the wind to hide it and shooting through the back of the target.

She got a pretty respectable score, too.

Visibility on the white Q-tips is right up there with shooting the back side of the target. So next year I'm thinking of using a standard 5-bull target only requiring you to staple it up face down and shoot it from the back.

Or would that be a bit much?

Going to the Tanner tomorrow. .22 was down to .09/rd 2 months ago. What do you suppose it will be this weekend?

Shot the Q-tips with my daughter, who seldom gets out to shoot. I beat her with the pistol, but she edged me out with both rifles. I need more rifle time.


Anonymous said...

Putting the targets up backwards eh? Sounds like a good challenge to me! :D

Jennifer said...

Dum Dums. Cheap lollipops in bright colors that should give good feedback.