Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gun Show - Summer Doldrums

The ammo scalpers are still out in force at least with respect to .22 ammo although most everything else in easing back toward normalcy. The presidents ban on Kalashnikov rifles is having little or no effect as Romanian and Bulgarian copies are readily available.

My favorite target and tool vendor was a no-show as was his backup. They were replaced by 3 or 4 steel target vendors which does me no good at all. Reloading components were up another 10% across the board although I didn't see any shortages. The brass knuckle and butterfly knife vendor who held the table opposite ours has also disappeared.

The population of jewelry, food, and health product vendors is up noticeably.

My favorite conspiracy theorist today was convinced that the alleged move to equip the armed forces with a different pistol is a subterfuge to give all the Berettas to groups like the Post Office, Homeland Security, and the EPA. He was a bit fuzzy as to the purpose.

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