Thursday, July 10, 2014

Colorado Gun Law - Could Be Worse, Could Be Massachusetts

A proposed new gun law in Mass is being hailed as a major improvement over it's original form. Seems to even buy a gun there you need to be vetted by the local authorities and issued a FOID card. The original law made issuing the card a "may issue" affair which everyone understands is a "may not" situation. The new, improved version makes the FOID card a "shall issue, unless" proposition which the Mass Gun Owners see as an improvement.
... which the licensing authority shall issue if it appears that the applicant is not a prohibited person.
Notwithstanding other provisions of paragraph (1) to the contrary, the licensing authority may deny the application or renewal of a firearm identification card, or suspend or revoke a card issued under this section, if in the reasonable exercise of discretion, the licensing authority determines that the applicant or card holder is unsuitable to be issued or to continue to hold a firearm identification card.
All the details and a slick video describing the whole process is here at Bearing Arms. Watch the video, it covers the whole thing nicely.

Why am I left with the impression that the GOAL folks would think of it as "a great step forward for the 2A.." if they were taken to the camps in municipal buses instead of the traditional cattle cars. Massachusetts: Live free or there.

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