Saturday, July 12, 2014


The critters seem to be largely under control around here as I've only gotten 8 in the last 3 weeks so the apple and plum futures continue to plummet in the face of decreasing scarcity.

OTOH, plans for the Billll's pipe and bucket squirrel trap have seen a setback as I just learned that in Conneticut at least,that
No person shall take or attempt to take any gray squirrel, rabbit or other fur-bearing animal protected by law by the use of … dynamite or other explosive compound, or by fire, smoke, brimstone, sulphur, gas or chemical ….
Which undermines my planned improvement to the trap that would include disposing of the dead squirrel to some location, TBD but certainly far, far away. I guess if you live in Connecticut, you have to dispose of them yourself.

Meantime, down in Georgia a raptor center there has 4 baby owls they need to feed and are soliciting local hunters for spare squirrels.


Jennifer said...

You could always launch them

Billll said...

I tried that. The automatic compressed air squirrel launcher would have worked, but turned out to be logistically rather a nightmare.