Saturday, December 18, 2010

Intellectual Levels

Maybe I need to work on my vocabulary, or something.

Results by reading level for site:


Just making up a few bits of obfuscational vocabulary should do it. It works for some of the others.


jed said...

I refudiate those results. I think they've misunderestimated the neurolexical hypherchepageous nature of your epistlean output.

Billll said...

Should the evaluations include the contributions of the commentarians, these bits alone should elevate my standings to the level of the Wall Street Journal at a minimum.

jed said...

Possibly, if I hadn't misspelled hyphercephageous.

Where's Bill Buckley's dictionary when you need it?

Brad K. said...

I agree with Jed that your content is quite beneficial. Whether the reading level was unfairly evaluated . .

I checked my blog.
Basic - 62%
Intermediate - 37%
Advanced - 0%
Basic - 24%
Intermediate - 73%
Advanced - 2%
Basic - 71%
Intermediate - 28%
Advanced - 0%
Basic - 100%
Intermediate - 0%
Advanced - 0%
Basic - 8%
Intermediate - 85%
Advanced - 5%

(Rob covers the Transition town response of various groups to building communities that thrive in the reduced circumstances as peak oil, economic collapse, and climate change drive the world into post-industrial changes.)
Basic - 92%
Intermediate - 7%
Advanced - 0%

(Read about how Sweet Daughter uses a discarded Barbie doll for .22 practice -
Basic - 0%
Intermediate - 96%
Advanced - 3%

(JMG covers peak oil and the coming economic collapse)

It looks like the evaluation is pretty fair, and your scores look pretty respectable.