Friday, December 31, 2010


Of a sort. It is to laugh when you hear someone from the "diversity at any cost" coterie suddenly begin bleating for " intellectual purity" in our institutions of higher (?) learning.


Kalashnikat said...

Ask any faculty member at any Chinese University how long they would remain out of jail if they took openly an anti Chinese-government or anti-Communist party stance...That bunch of elitist Hippo-twits at Harvard should be required to serve a four year tour on active duty with an honorable discharge (and without diddling the junior enlisted as they frequently diddle their students) as a requirement for Tenure...

Joel said...

It just goes to show that those in positions of responsibility in "our" institutions of higher learning see education as an ongoing process. Once they thought diversity was the highest possible value - now they see that there are things that simply can't be tolerated at any cost.

Brad K. said...

I note that there is a process for applying and being accepted into ROTC. Qualifications include scholastic aptitude and a commitment that endures through the application process.

There doesn't seem to be any qualification of candidates for studies programs.

ROTC graduates focus on leadership, responsibility, and discipline in life style as well as applying history and economics of materials - and people - to assigned goals.

Generally, I would think the presence of ROTC, and ROTC students, would be an overall improvement to the student body of a campus.

Unless you have instructors preaching hate under a 'Peace at any cost' banner.