Wednesday, December 22, 2010


IOTW has a piece noting that the most searched terms, in terms of definitions include the words "austerity", “pragmatic,” “moratorium,” “socialism,” and “bigot”.

With the high levels of sophistication I put into this blog, I can't see any of my regular readers having any trouble with these words at all, but, as the caterpillar said, "Who's to be the master, you, or the word?" So here are the definitions, as interpreted from the point of view of the government, or their mouthpieces.

Austerity, N. The practice of keeping wage increases down to 6% in the face of a 25% increase in staffing at our agency.

Pragmatic Adj To completely sell out your principles in return for enough pork to improve your chances at re election.

Moratorium N The practice of stopping all services normally provided by an agency. Ex: Policing of the border by the DHS.

Socialism N A practice covered in Washington by the DADT doctrine. At present, only Bernie Sanders is out of the closet. Identifiable globally by the number of people dead as a result of implementation.

Bigot Adj. Anyone who disagrees with the speaker. Widespread overuse has devalued any impact the word once had.

You're welcome, pleased to be of assistance.

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