Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frontiers In Science - The Brassiere

Some time back, shape memory foams were developed by NASA to make helmet and seat liners that better fit the user. Later these materials found their way into commercial mattersses that molded themselves into whatever shape you put onto them.

They have the property of expanding and becoming relatively more rigid when heated, keeping in mind that we're talking about foam rubber here, which is none too hard to begin with.

An Australian has hit on the idea of incorporating this stuff into bras, which will custom mold to whatever shape is put into them, and by expanding with temperature rise, becomes a push-up with excitement or sport bra with exercise.
The bra boosts the cleavage when it detects a rise in body temperature, said Nielsen.Such as when a woman gets a little flushed when she gets excited. It can kind of do some of the flirting for you," he said.

Moreover, if a woman is exercising and it detects a rise in body temperature, it can expand to offer more support when needed," he added.
Get the whole story here.

Somehow I have a vision of this thing causing a B-cup girl to seem to grow to a C-cup upon spotting a nice piece of beefcake walking into the room.


Jennifer said...

Will wonders never cease? Quite the accomplishment there. Now maybe he could install a little thermoelectric device in them as well. You know, to deal with potential speeding tickets and the like.

Brad K. said...

Wow! And just think of the possibilities if the cod piece comes back into vogue! Maybe add an optional cialis patch? Make way! Indeed!

Or shoulder pads for jackets, both his and hers. Maybe a bustle shape or . .

Oh, I have to go there. Imagine the possibilities for a toilet seat.

Billll said...

I thought about the codpiece, but decided to leave it alone. I have doubts about something that will amplify the effect on an area over which men have notoriously little control already.

OTOH, it pays to advertise I suppose, and your odds of getting through airport security with an expanding foam codpiece certainly have to be better than the traditional standby of a tinfoil-wrapped cucumber.