Friday, December 31, 2010

A Career In Engineering

People (students) have asked me if going into engineering is a good idea in the great scheme of things. I always answer in the affirmative. It's a great place to exercise your creativity, and generally make the world a better place. At Listverse, I found a set of explanations of the origins of words, and relating to engineering is the story of Thomas Derrick:

A Derrick is a lifting device designed for moving large objects. They are used widely in engineering, and are also used to drill for oil and gas reserves. Thomas Derrick was a hangman in Elizabethan England. Derrick was a convicted rapist who was facing the death penalty. In an event that could be straight out of a spy film, Derrick was offered a pardon by the Earl of Essex, if he worked for the state as an executioner. During his time as a hangman, he designed a new system with a topping lift and pulley, as opposed to the rope over a beam method. Derrick executed over 3,000 people. One of whom, rather ironically, was The Earl of Essex, the man who pardoned him.
Some days at work are arguably better than others. I've had bosses who made me consider spending some time developing a death ray.

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Brad K. said...

Chloral hydrate, for the mickey, huh? I wonder what the dosage would be . .

Reading about Masoch took me back to John Norman and the Tarnsman of Gor. Kinky stuff.

Ain't it wonderful, what you can learn on the Internet?