Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Workshop

Not my workshop this time, but Club Workshop. If you ever thought up a large, elaborate project, or even a modest on that was too big for your in-house facilities, this might well be the place for you.
In association with this are the various makers, fans of Make! magazine, and builders extraordinary. Club Workshop held a mini-Maker Faire at their facility, and while the attendance was probably smaller than everyone would have liked, the stuff that showed up was worth the visit. Builders of stuff ranging from clothing with embedded electronics, to small robots with elaborate vision systems were on display.
Here is a pneumatic ping-pong ball gun. You may remember the ones you had as a kid that barfed out balls as you worked the pump-action slide to the dismay of your younger siblings and family pets. This one is an exercise in wretched excess on a level you seldom get to see. Of the two silver tubes on top, the nearest one is the magazine, and the farther one is the barrel. The tube on the bottom is the air reservoir. Connect it to shop air, and one button auto-loads a ball to the barrel. Press the second, and the ball is spit out at blinding speed.
The shotgun shell is a projectile from my pedal air gun. Note the lighter-colored circles to the left, directly above, and below and to the left of the shell. Those are dents in the 3/4" plywood made by ping-pong balls.

Give this place a look, and keep an eye out for the next such event.

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