Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recovery In Progress

Please pardon our dust while we put everybody back to work!
Thanks to Michelle for this.
Or if you have some suspicions that the program isn't going quite as well as Joe Biden says it is, this site has a map on which you can click a state, and find out how well it's doing.

According to this, Colorado has received $583,269,816.00, and created 4710.05 jobs. OK, what's .05 of a job? I believe it's what I got this year, dividing days worked by days off.

At $123,835/job, there should be some nice paychecks going out to somebody. Keep in mind this is recipient reported money. If you switch to agency reporting, the money is $3,864,381,626.00 with no jobs being admitted to. A search of the recipients of the money reveals almost 100% government agencies, which explains why, when all the taxpayers are getting laid off, you don't hear about anyone in government losing a job.

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