Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumpkin Cannon

The Bomberos pumpkin cannon is back on Craigs List, having been refurbished and brought up to working condition.
Here it is peeking in the window at DuBach Tool and Machine Co. a splended and worthwhile shop specializing in short-runs, stampings, prototyping and general machining. 3910 S. Mariposa Englewood. They also feature welding and engineering services.

The barrel extension comes off easily for transport, and the machine has thrown a 12 lb bowling ball 1/2 mile.

Oh yeah, and on Craigs list, this is NOT a pumpkin gun. You never use the dreaded G-word there lest someone get hurt. It's for the children, you know, so this time it's a pumpkin launcher. Oddly, though, it's OK to sell a cannon there, just not a gun.


jed said...

Speaking of launching pumpkins, this popped up today on Fark.

A pumpkin cannon with a 97-foot-long barrel.

I still want a trebuchet.

Billll said...

A treb, powered by garage door springs, is on the list of things to build. Springs are easier to work with than 6000 lb of lead. Google Hypertension, a spring powered treb.

Oh yeah: "Domini, domini, domini" (makes sign of cross with beer glass) "you're now on the treb team". Start collecting garage door springs.

Anonymous said...

FYI: I've reposted it at for you.

I figure that since I had a (small) role in helping build it, RMGO shouldn't mind.

nanc said...

I have GOT to have one of these to put by my trebuchet!

Billll said...

For $1500 I'll deliver it within 100 miles. Be the envy of your entire neighborhood!